Trekking tour Programs in Japan
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Trekking tour Programs in Japan

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Japan is also referred to as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and receives the magical rays of the sun before any other country. This timeless yet technologically advanced country is fused with a simple lifestyle. The country is in itself a marvelous piece of architecture and the most natural location one can visit. From the surface, Japan may feel like a super modern country with a fast life, but exploring around it offers various opportunities to connect with the country’s ethos. The country is blessed with the incredible countryside, stunning mountain peaks, and well-maintained nature. Japan delights every tourist with exotic national parks, alluring waterfalls, canyons, volcanoes, geysers, crystal clear rivers, and the most appreciated cherry blossom period. These natural attractions and the ease of travel make Trekking in Japan and Trekking in Nepal also gives you the same , an exquisite experience.

Program Description: offers multi-day and single-day Japan trekking packages and Trekking Packages in India at very affordable prices, packed with immense fun and adventure. Japan is a country where ancient shrines and towering skyscrapers co-exist in a peaceful contrast, complimenting the incredible natural beauty at every turn.

The Japanese Alps are a major attraction of Japan Trekking tours. Experience the sub-tropical temperature that makes trekking tours pleasant and relaxing. The trek routes are non-strenuous and perfect for families and for people who want thrilling experience Everest Base Camp Trekking is best for them and these. The rich habitat of the country allures tourists from distant lands and offers tranquilizing views during the cherry blossom period.

Here is a list of popular destinations for Japan trekking tours:

  • Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trek

  • Shin-Etsu Trail

  • Koya-San Trek

  • Kyoto Hike and Bike

  • Nakasendo

  • Kamikochi

  • Okutama

  • Daisetsuzan National Park


  • Walk on the historic Yamanobenimichi; Japan’s oldest path road

  • Visit the Fushumi Inari Shrine and walk through a series of pilgrimage routes

  • Experience the best train rides in Japan

  • Summit the glorious Mt. Yarigatake and Okuhotaka-de

  • Gaze at amazing temples, shrines, and pagodas in Mount Koya

  • Capture glorious views of craggy mountains and plunging valleys

  • Hike to the top of Torii Pass and view the beautiful Kiso Valley

  • Witness the hot springs in Nakasendo trail

  • Trek through century old beech forest and view the golden leaves falling during autumn

  • Ogle at the delightful Uramino-taki waterfall


  • Pick and drop from the closest Airport

  • On-site transportation to trek points as mentioned in the itinerary

  • Comfortable accommodation throughout the trek

  • Three-course meals

  • Experienced and friendly Trek guides with fluency in English language

  • Porters for carrying extra weight and luggage

  • Arrangement of rescue and evacuation team

  • First aid kits and Oxygen bottles

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