Launched a Margin Trading Exchange Development Software
29 Friday 29th May

Launched a Margin Trading Exchange Development Software

Crypto Infotech

C-98 (b) Industrial Area, Phase VII S.A.S Nagar, London, 160055

Price: Free
Time: 10:00 am
Starts: Fri 29th May
Ends: Mon 31st Aug

Crypto-Infotech has launched a feature-rich, robust, and customized white label margin trading exchange software that provides the power to amplify your revenue 100 times. At the event, the founder of Crypto-infotech stated that “Leverage and margin trading is the hottest topic in the crypto world these days. By depositing a minimal amount, traders can borrow funds or leverage from other exchanges and amplify potential returns.”

He further gave an example to understand the margin trading process clearly to the viewers- “Suppose, if a trader has 5 BTC in his account and wants to trade with 10x leverage, he/she can open a position worth 50 BTC. This means margin trading allows you to enhance your profits 10 times.”

Crypto-Infotech’s Margin Trading Exchange Development Software is integrated with institutional-grade security and robust trading engine to provide secure and fast transactions.

How does Margin Trading Exchange Software help to Foster Business Growth?
It Offers New Income Stream
Amplified returns
More users, more earnings

Features of Margin Trading Exchange Software:
Multi-layer security
Advanced order types
Multi-currency wallet
Robust trading engine
High-grade admin panel

Security-checks in our margin trading exchange software:
Wallet security
Communication security
System security

Do you want to fuel your business growth? Leverage our margin trading crypto exchange software development service to amplify your profit.



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