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2five8's 48 Sheet (Wankers Billboard)


Written by Robert Foster
03 Tuesday 03rd June 2014

The mighty 2five8 made a billboard with 'WANKERS!!!' written on it, but it's not entirely apropos of nothing:

As a street artist I have always had a concern with public space and how it is governed, it seems if you have enough money then you're pretty much allowed to do what you like. Buy a bit of land, erect a cheap billboard and sell that newly created space at an extortionate price. Advertising is a part of life and I understand that it helps companies thrive - advertising itself is not what I have a problem with. It is the method in which it is undertaken, if I do not wish to be exposed to advertising on tv, the internet or the radio, I can stop using these things - one thing I cannot stop using is public space. We were never asked if it was ok for them to start dominating our skylines or to plaster the outsides of every single mode of public transport and from experience I know that if I want to paint a wall I am the one ridiculed and face criminal prosecution.

This lead me to create the piece '48 Sheet', an interactive installation mimicking the everyday billboard. The piece is user interactive and features a hidden word that is displayed bit by bit as the user walks by, the word is aimed at the user and is from the advertising company, showing the user what the advertising company thinks of them.

48 Sheet (Wankers Billboard) from 2five8 on Vimeo.

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