A Mexican Boat Party In Mexico!


Written by Jack Blocker
01 Friday 01st May 2015

In a place as vast and frenetic as DF, it can be hard to pinpoint a highlight, especially when moments seem to pop up and glow in front of you whenever you round a corner. But as I know you guys want me to stop dancing around the subject and make a convicted choice for once in my stupid life, I'm going to pick the Xochimilco canals as my favourite memory.

The canals are located at the southern tip of the city. Although they used to be much more expansive, many have been drained to make space for the city's enormous population growth over the last century. The miles that remain are now a UNESCO heritage site and also a popular day out for families, as well as high school students and gringos who want to get shit-faced hammered on cans of Modelo and cheap bottles of tequila in a goddamn boat.

The colourful boats for hire are called trajineras. As a visitor to Mexico City, you'll soon become aware of a phenomenon known as the 'gringo tax' - or a similar phrase. This is when locals raise prices for the pasty, sun-blushed tourists gawping at all the delicious food and cigarettes they can buy for the equivalent of a pint in London. However you feel about this, you can't blame them when the average wage in the city is $6 a day.

I was staying with a cousin who happened to work there. His colleagues wrangled us a good price on two boats, which the owners tied together with ropes and pushed about with punts. As our trajineras coasted the waters under hanging vines in the 2 o'clock light, with everyone mixing beer and tequila in red cups of ice, I realised this was really, really great.

I later realised that I was one of very few people mixing tequila and beer, so here's the remaining photos that weren't all blurry or of my fingers:

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