A Very Ballantine's Valentine


Written by Kinsey Sullivan
14 Tuesday 14th February 2012


Pianofuzz Design Studios is a Brazil-based collective of creatives who work in a variety of media. Blanca Gomez is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Madrid. She crafts small art objects, which she sells through her website, Cosas Minimas. The images they've created are fun and inventive, illustrating a philosophy at the core of Ballantine’s: dedication to doing things differently. We spoke to the artists about their inspiration and the project. Check it out:


Pianofuzz - Brazil (see top image)

What is your image about and how is different from a Valentine's Card? 

Unlike a Valentine's card that values the plans for the future (happy ending) with your date, our card invites to enjoy the moment and appreciate the importance of true friendships. They can follow you for all your life without asking anything back. Enjoy the present without worrying about anything else.

What other Brazilian designers or illustrators do you love?

In Brazil, there are many illustrators, designers and artists that we like. We’ll list a few but it is possible that we are forgetting someone. Here we go:

Rogério Duarte, Colletivo, Eduardo Recife, João Ruas, Stephan Doitschinoff, Bicicleta sem freio, Nando Costa, Ap303, Firmorama, Nitrocorpz, Rafael Grampá, Cisma, and others.

Who would you send a Ballantine's card to?

To those who celebrate and support us.

Who (or what) would you say are the biggest inspirations in your work?



Blanca Gomes - Spain


What is your image about and how is it different from a Valentine's Card? 

It's about having a good time, and celebrating with the person you love. It's different  from a Valentine's Card because is yellow instead of pink, and because it has glasses of whiskey instead of hearts (I'm kidding, a little bit).

What other Spanish designer or illustrator do you love?

I lov Isidro Ferrer as a graphic designer. I love as professionals and as people my colleagues Juanjo Lopez (typographer), and Puño and Cristobal Schmal (illustrators). Ok, the last one is not Spanish, but nearly.

Who would you send a Ballantine's card to?  

Hehe, I never in my life have sent a Valentine card, nor a Ballantine's one, until now!

Who would you say are the biggest inspirations in your work?

This is a difficult question. I am clearly a fan of mid-century design, above all else people like Alexander Girad or Olle Eksell. But also nowadays there are so many talented people out there doing great things in different fields.

The e-cards are available now to download and share from Ballantine's Facebook page

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