Absolut Blank


Written by Olivia Patt
13 Wednesday 13th July 2011

Absolut have a long history of working alongside cutting edge artists. Forget the Impressionists and absinthe, it’s all about Andy Warhol’s psychedelic bottles or Absolut and Damien Hirst’s creepy collaboration. With their new  venture, Absolut Blank, eighteen artists from around the globe have each put their own individual spin on a huge canvas shaped like the iconic Absolut bottle, using every medium available- from paint and pencil to sculpture, and even a light installation.

Left: Sam Flores. Right: Mario Wagner

Don’t Panic HQ are particularly keen on Mario Wagner’s vintage inspired collage, and Good Wives and Warriors super bright, super intricate piece, not forgetting our mate Jeremy Fish’s fantastically fun… well… fish.


Left: Jeremy Fish. Right: Good Wives and Warriors

Absolut Blank want to inspire and contribute to a global creative movement, and have made movies of these masterpieces being created; those of you that fancy yourself handy with a brush after a few nips might even be able to pick up a few tips. You can check the film out on their Facebook page, as well special behind the scenes footage and interviews with some of the artists. And here’s an extra incentive; any friends of Absolut Blank on Facebook will be automatically entered into a prize draw which will see a lucky winner win a specially commissioned piece of Absolut Blank artwork. Not too shabby.

Left: David Bray: Right: Dave Kinsey

For more information, join the group at www.facebook.com/ABSOLUTUK and to see all of the eighteen pieces created by the artists involved, visit www.absolutblank.com

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