Amici Di Peroni


Written by Kate Kelsall
03 Thursday 03rd May 2012
With many Lagers promoting themselves through a standard brew of banter, bikini clad hotties and pub culture, Amici di Peroni (Friends of Peroni) stands apart with a subtler and infinitely more classy approach, playing testament to their Italian heritage.

The finale of four national events took place at London’s iconic Tower Bridge on April the 17th; doing what Italians do best, the evening revolved around fine dining and fabulous company. Inspiration for the dinner came from the Renaissance ‘Salone’ which saw gatherings of the like-minded under the roof of an inspiring host, with participants seeking to amuse one another while they refined their tastes and increased their knowledge through the course of an evening’s conversation.

Rejuvenating this tradition from Italy’s golden glory days afforded London’s fashion and art elite the chance to step out of their fast paced lives and immerse themselves in a melting pot of the capital’s most fashion forward dinner table dialogue. Hosted by Gianluca Longo (style editor of illustrious ES magazine) of red carpet and Haute Couture fame, the night was also attended by fifty handpicked attendees, including some of today’s most respected fashion designers, models and actors as well as selected trendsetters from London’s exciting sartorial sene.
To keep abreast of future Peroni promotions check out their tumblr.

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