Artist Spotlight: Biff


Written by James Ratcliffe
03 Monday 03rd February 2014

This weeks Artist Spolight comes courtesy of the very talented Biff, we love his illustrations and characters. Artist Spotlight is a new feature where we highlight emerging creatives and practitioners who deserve a platform to showcase their work.

If your interested in submitting artwork then please get in touch at:

Describe your practice/style

I'd describe my work as playful and straight forward. I never really like to spend more than a couple of hours on something- If I do it seems to over do itself and lose its fun. It's always best to relax, go with my gut and get it down on paper.

Recently iv'e been applying my ideas to platforms other than paper, just out of curiosity and experimentation. I'm starting to build up a collection of illustrated objects around my room, which is nice as it's a constant reminder of where i'm at and I don't have to wade through mountains of paper to find my work- I can just plonk it on a shelf and have it there all the time.

What inspires you?

I gather inspiration from watching other creatives do their thing through videos and interviews. It's a nice boost that really gets me questioning my own work and thinking where I should be going with it. I also watch a tonne of films and overplay certain songs which helps sometimes- If i'm stuck for ideas I'll take a lyric from my favorite song and illustrate it. I don't live in the most inspiring town either, so that in itself makes me want to work harder to get out!

What direction do you wish to take your work/career?

I'm perceived primarily as an illustrator (that will always be a major passion) but I'd like to work up to becoming a creative director. I'm more for the planning and ideas than anything- That's wear the real gold is. Although, I do believe the best things happen when you least expect, so i'm working hard everyday and letting my art lead the way. Hopefully it'll take me somewhere nice.


You can see more of BIff's work  here.

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