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Written by James Ratcliffe
18 Monday 18th August 2014

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I draw my inspiration in this world, quite simply. I don't inspire myself from any specific artist, even if I have some preferences. 

I watch things, on the internet, in art galleries, books, subways, streets, or in my life. I keep all of this, let it ripe, sometimes it rottens until the day I decide to lay those things on a medium. 

I like the ambiguous and hypocrite aspect of every thing, the things we are sometimes ashamed of and that we hide from other people. That makes me smile. 

If I care about all of those things, it's also because I hate them. I need to evacuate them before they all rotten at the back of my head. 

I've just graduated (bachelor degree) in illustration at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels), Belgium. 

There I've written and illustrated 4 books. 


I've started illustration about 4 years ago, using drawing, painting andd mostly engraving, a technique where I can exploit this dark side that comes out of my universe. 

Besides, in 2012 I had the opportunity to work on the artist and producer Max Cooper's video clip "Pleasures". 


This animation video shows part of my graphic universe, a bit less dark here. This project made me want to realize more collaborations with musicians, producers or other musical labels. 

Now that I have both my degree and more time, I intend to work on new projects soon enough. 

I approach several themes and messages in my books and illustrations. Every single one of my illustrations has a story to tell, often disturbing or confusing. 

The theme of my last two books was "how to escape from reality". Religion, drugs, dreams, video games, life simulation, death, etc. 

I feel concerned about all of them because there is always a kind of misunderstanding related to them. There is always something hidden, a secret that faces other people's look. 

I take great interest in the feeling that's born from this encounter. That's what I try to set on paper and that's probably not insignificant if part of that feeling comes out again when you look at my illustrations. 

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