Artist Spotlight: Cindy Jinette


29 Wednesday 29th October 2014

Cindy Jinette aka Maria G. de Lamos a Spanish-based visual artist who works predominantly with photography and sculpture, and offers postmodern visions of the day to day. Also working with creating her own music as an exploration of her work, Jinette parallels between photojournalism and more surrealist depictions of reality, using the exploration of light and colour.

She concentrates on not only the circumstances in which her subjects are exposed, but the subtle natures of her subjects themselves. In her photographic series Peru Visions, Jinette invites the viewer into her own personal history with South America, from the faces that make the city home to the scapes that inspire her. 

Her photo-series play with the manipulation of analogue photography, seen in her ethereal series "Swim" in which she creates silhouette like photographs in murky waters. Water has a predominant element in Jinette's works, through colour, texture and theme. The use of water hails to the postmodern approach to her work, and the embodiment of health and vitality that water is representative of. 

Her project "Pink-Fluid" further explores water and liquid through a series of sculptural pieces responding to the translucent and therefore manipulative properties of water, and how it can pick up the colour of its surroundings once immersed within it. 

Whilst Jinette's photography can be known to stretch into areas of fashion photography and documentary photography, her conceptual series of works offer a less blatant approach to lens-based media. Some series she divides simply by the people she surrounds herself with, a gender split series "Boys" and "Girls", where as others such as "Lands" offer what she interacts with personally.

Check out more of Cindy Jinette's work on her website 

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