Artist Spotlight: Finnegan Travers


Written by Dont Panic
27 Friday 27th May 2016

We’ve previously featured Finnegan Travers in our Rad Photos series and thought we’d catch up with him before he finishes his degree. From snapping 4AM London dwellers to pushing yourself in creative mediums, we cover it... 

Hey Finnegan. How’re you ļ¬nding 2016 so far?

So far, so good I guess. Just about to finish my degree – stressful to say the least but it’s almost over and I’m looking forward to finishing it. In all honestly I’m pretty over university and its surroundings, looking forward to getting back into the real world. 

Over time, how do you think your style - if at all - has changed?

Each year I notice something different within my approach towards photography, both in direction and style and I like that. I like to switch it up if I can. I mainly notice a change in my style when I’ve been creating more design/ artwork based work – my style will always adapt to these types of projects. 

Do you ever feel constrained by your style, format? How do you challenge yourself?

Always. But I think it’s a camera-love thing! If I ever feel constrained by the work I’m producing then I just switch it up, even mediums outside of photography with design and illustration. I have always pushed myself in all mediums and feel as though each one helps the other excel. 

Is there a particular part of the city you like to shoot, or where you think you’ll get good shots?

Christ London’s full of them, its just about having the time of day to get to them! I constantly look for locations, but as a portrait photographer I’m realistically looking for the background to suit the subject. But anywhere from Manner Park to Seven Sisters I don’t usually return back to a spot unless its to photograph the same person twice. 

What would you most like to shoot that, for whatever reason, you haven’t managed to and why?

I’d like to get back into photographing morning life, 4am dwellers around London. Characters that haven’t slept yet for whatever reason or people just going to work – these subjects always make for the most interesting portraits. 

What projects do you lined up for your photography in the foreseeable?

A couple cats and myself have started a creative platform called 5RA. We’re looking at mainly collaborations between artists of all kinds; music, photographic and clothing. So be sure to check it out, got some stuff coming out throughout the summer! 

Anyone you’d like to shout out?

Treece and the boys at SWMS. Kenny P and the Sanwich Gang and me ma of course!

Thanks Finn


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