Artist Spotlight: Ollie Murphy


Written by Dont Panic
13 Friday 13th May 2016

Hey Ollie. How’s your 2016 going so far? 

Yeah, pretty good thanks, just did a shirt collab with my friend’s company Alcatraz Beach Club and got some cool things lined up!

Have you been working on any projects recently or more ad-hoc stuff? If so, could you expand on them? 

I’ve been doing my set work for Radio Wolfgang for their news stories, which has been good. Apart from that I’ve slowly been putting together a zine, playing bass in a punk band and working on some small exhibitions with friends. I’ve got a problem with wanting to do too many things…

What are your thoughts on working in the capital? For instance, it must to be great to have so many creative communities to draw from, but then again aspects like cost of living... 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I think it's really easy to get distracted in London, plus money becomes the priority over everything. I don’t like the way this city is going, soon normal people won’t be able to afford to live here, but you’ve gotta keep going I guess! 

From what I’ve seen, your work seems quite consistent over time. How do you think your style - if at all - has changed? 

I started out when I was 15, drawing in one style over and over again, I wanted to be Raymond Pettibon or Gary Panter and went for that. But now I think I'm heading for my own style, it's all part of the fun. 

Do you draw similar influences from your photography and illustration? Or are they quite separate in your mind?

In my mind my photos and drawings are really closely connected because my work is always based around people, mainly portraiture. 

Have you always had the two fields as interests, or did one reveal itself to you at a different stage? 

I've got lots of different interests that fall under the umbrella of making art, I skip back and forth between stuff but stick with things I feel comfortable with trying to get out of that.

If you had to choose a specific creative field to pursue, which one would it be and why? 

The skater Ethan Fowler said 'do whatever you want to do, do it well or don't do it well, do whatever you wanna do' 

Anyone you'd like to shout out?

My friends (specifically Sasha Cresdee, Rory and Grant), Fergus Purcell AKA Fergadelic for giving me pep talks when I was considering bailing on art, Sam Ryser - I don't know him but he's so sick, check him out. Radio Wolfgang for giving me my dream job; getting paid to draw is the best thing in the whole world!


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