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Artist Spotlight: Ornin Ruangwattanasuk


06 Thursday 06th November 2014

As documentary photographer, Ornin has aimed to tell the stories of these people and their rehabilitation through a new photo series. Exploring the lives of Myanmar's communities has become her passion since she taught herself photography, and she is conscious of detailing her depictions in the style of Old Masters she admires, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson. 

While predominantly exhibiting in group shows, Ruangwattanasuk has recently completed a solo show in Toyko, Japan, and is exhibiting solo at the Stephen Bartels Gallery, Pimlico from the 4th-15th November. Emerging from their time under a military junta, the people of Burma are working towards achieving a liberal democracy, the foundations of which appeared in 2011.

Ruangwattanasuk's photographs chart the multiple visits she's had to the country since it began its journey to democracy. From North to South, from city streets to small villages, her body of work provides a glimpse into the life of the ordinary Myanmar people using a documentarian and an artistic style of photography. 

Ornin typically works with black and white 35mm film and establishes a strong sense of full texture and grain in her pieces. Her use of this format runs parallel to the experience of the people she has been documenting - changing and evolving, still steeped in history and tradition. The exhibition is named Life in Transition in reflection of this. It offers an emotive experience for the viewer to gain an understanding of a sheltered culture, in both a sense of political progression and public awareness. 

You can see Ornin's Life in Transition exhibition at Stephen Bartels Gallery, 30 Churlton Street, SW1V 2LP Pimlico, 4th-15th November. Private view 6th November 6.30-9.30pm. R.S.V.P. 

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