Artist Spotlight: Sam Marsh Illustration


Written by Mike Cridland
09 Thursday 09th October 2014

When asked to describe my style, I often think of it as an amalgamation of urban art and detailed anatomical illustration. I change working styles a lot, but I’d say the running theme throughout my work is creative play.

The way my images look is predominantly informed by the choice of materials; I experience a real variation in fluidity between media, which often has a strong influence on the line quality and mark- making.

Regularly I will work in a very loose messy way following completion of tight, highly detailed ink drawings; the long periods of concentration and focus are remedied by sessions of free creative expression.

What inspires you?

I grew up in Bristol, where a vibrant palette of cultures is the foundation for a rich vein of creative expression. In the last decade, Bristol has seen a change in attitude towards street art: public perception shifted from ‘vandalism’ to ‘art’, first made evident when the local council began to preserve Banksy pieces. Since then, large areas of the city have been transformed by events such as ‘See No Evil’. In 2011 and 2012, the length of Nelson Street was painted by a artists such as ROA and ARYZ, who created my favourite pieces to go up there so far. It’s cool to be in a city that seems to facilitate creativity, and easy to feel driven and inspired with such fantastic work around.

During term-time at Plymouth University, I turn to anatomy books, comics and the aquarium for inspiration. I’d say observing nature has a big effect on my work. I like photographing stuff and collecting things: for me it’s just a case of getting out there and exploring.

What direction do you wish to take your work/career?

I’ve recently finished producing the ‘Medicated Dreams’ album artwork for Verb T, a UK rapper and member of hip-hop collective ‘The Four Owls’. The UK hip hop scene is nurturing a lot a creativity within lyricism, writing, art and animation so there’s no doubt I’ll be doing more work with musicians on the scene in the near future.

In the long term, I would love the opportunity to be signed to a skate or surf brand, designing imagery for apparel and boards on a day-to-day basis: that would be the dream job.It would be a great platform to reach out with my work.. This kind of environment could also offer involvement in a spectrum of projects, from the more conceptually-driven and poignant work, to having the freedom to create imagery ‘simply because it’s rad’.


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