Artist Spotlight: Tess Redburn


Written by Oscar Henson
08 Wednesday 08th February 2017

Tess Redburn’s sun-soaked illustrations draw on the bold lines and geometric shapes of cubism and pop-art – taking modernist villas, nudist beach scenes and contorted human forms and refracting them into kaleidoscopic patchworks of line and colour.

Her style is simple, intuitive and expressive – the result of an instinctive creative process that sees her “simplify figures and objects as much as possible into shapes, lines and patterns”.

Her work first rose to prominence via Bristol-based techno label, Livity Sound, who picked Redburn up as their in-house designer in 2014.

On paper, this might have sounded like an odd pairing. On the whole, the techno aesthetic tends to centre around a rather limited colour palette comprising ‘dark’, ‘industrial’, ‘moody’ and ‘spacey’ - all tropes that Tess’s artworks (thankfully) avoid. But, crucially, the Livity Sound crew shared Tess’s fundamental project of distilling and stripping back art to its bare elements, and as a result her style proved to be the perfect fit.

Since then, Redburn’s works have been commissioned for a wide range of projects, including label art for Shanti Celeste and Funkineven's collaborative 12" on Apron Records, and a limited-edition Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.

Last month, she exhibited a range of her more painterly works at the Hoxton in Shoreditch, largely comprising a series of brightly coloured architctural studies. Check out our picks of the bunch below, and head to her online store to see the full collection.

Follow Tess on Twitter and Instagram.

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