Artist Spotlight: The Real Dill


Written by James Ratcliffe
27 Monday 27th January 2014

We proudly introduce a brand new feature to Don't Panic: Artist Spotlight – Where we highlight emerging creatives and practitioners who deserve a platform to showcase their work.

If your interested in submitting artwork then please get in touch at:

Our first contributor is The Real Dill:

Describe your practice/style 

It depends what i'm working on, when I draw day to day I tend to doodle, starting without a clear idea of how the image will end up looking, but usually with a clear intention of some sort. I rarely use pencils when drawing, I prefer to go straight for a paint pen, usually black. Working in black and white with no shading does restrict how I work but I find that this restriction drives me to produce better work, if I allow myself to go wherever I want with it, it's easy to get lost, I see this same process of limitation in the work of others I admire. 

What inspires you? 

I guess most things people encounter in their lives inspires them in one way or another but If I had to pick one thing that inspires me most of all it would have to be the work of fellow creatives, when I see someone doing what they love and making great work it motivates me to do more. 

Nature also influences my work strongly, especially nature at the very small scales, I am always astounded by its complexity and try to borrow some of its principles for my illustration.

What direction do you wish to take your work/career? 

Right now I’m really interested in painting large scale stuff outdoors, I really enjoy doing it and it’s such a nice way for people to interact with art, more of this in the future would be great! 

T-shirt graphics are a passion of mine so would love to work with some street-wear brands and make some killer tee’s, and possibly release my own clothing line one day. 

Alongside my artwork I'll always aim to push my design, I find that the two feed into each other In many ways but I am definitely most in my element with a pen or a spray can in my hand rather than sitting in front of a screen. I’ll just keep doing the things I enjoy the most and see where the journey takes me.



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