Artist Spotlight: Tin Savage


Written by Dont Panic
24 Monday 24th October 2016


The UK hardcore punk scene is in rude health, not only in music but in its visual arts output such as photography and illustration. London artist Tin Savage is responsible for much of this rough, distinctive imagery, we caught up to talk pursuing a passion for its own sake, working in a changing city and forthcoming plans...

2016 has been alright, there’s been some ups and down. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of my favourite current bands, it’s taken a while but things are starting to pick up. I’d like to be able to draw for a living but I'm enjoying it just being a time consuming hobby, it means I'm in charge and not drawing stuff I'm not into to make rent.

London's a great city to be working in, it’s got a lot soul and culture, unfortunately the area I grew up in is drastically changing by the week due to gentrification. It’s such a shame as it’s starting to look like it could be any city in England, all these boring new buildings look the same. I’d like to shout out Leo's cafe at the end of Kingsland Road, RIP.

I reckon people looking at my work can see the influences of classic era American hardcore punk illustrators like Raymond Pettibon, Sean Taggart or Kevin Crowley from The Abused.

I reckon my style has changed in the sense I plan and think about the composition of my work way more than I used to. I try to challenge myself now by using different imagery or coming up with newer ideas instead of playing it safe. I have a few zines in the works and collaborations with other artists and friends. I'm currently preparing a body of work for a small exhibition of mostly original work. 

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