Artist Spotlight: Yeka


Written by James Ratcliffe
16 Monday 16th June 2014

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Characters are my passion. I love creating them, giving them names, putting them in different situations, making them stories. Characters can be placed into different directions: they can be a drawing/painting/illustration, be an object, appear on a show or interior design. Characters kidnapped me in the early childhood and since then I live surrounded by them. I like spreading the feeling of fun, friendship, openness, movement.

For me inspiration is everywhere: It can be a nice colour combination, well designed object, exhibition, funny situation, a person, fabric pattern, detail... anything! I think If your eyes and mind are open you will see beauty and ideas even in every day routine. I’m pretty sure that inspiration is like appetite - it comes while “eating”. Besides this I have working sources: 

Microcosm and molecules

Black & white stripes

Art & design events, where you can see many new fascinating things and talk to inspiring and wonderful people (for example - character festival Pictoplasma)

Scandinavian design

Small details



Smart ideas

Implemented ideas

I like and feel inspired by what I’m doing right now - working in several directions with a single style: character design, illustration, art, objects, design. What I really wish for in my career is continuous development. This concerns my style, creativity, ideas, skills, and getting more interesting high level projects.

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