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01 Thursday 01st January 2009


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Dear aunty scottee ,
i am a 17 year old ,slim n heighted girl.i hav developed a sense of inferiority.i feel inferior to my cousins , class mates ,who are of my age because they hav matured breasts and i do not.for i cant wear ladies stuff.due to this ,during parties i stick to my seat .i cant overcome my inhibitions.that is why i dont like pretty in any dress for i do not get a shape in any dress.i feel reluctant 2 visit a doctor and 2 share it with my mom.sometimes i am struck with the thought what if it troubled me in my practical life or if my spouse makes it a big issue in future.
please help me.why it is so?
Dear Darling,
Firstly - Well done for making the first step to share your problems! I'm sure you've already been bombarded with information at school about development and how all girls are different blah blah blah. The truth is this may be the case and you will develop later than your peers or you may have a smaller chest in adulthood. 
When your older you may have other options open to you like breast augmentation - which I wouldn't advise to anyone. Try to learn to be comfortable in your skin, express your femininity to the max and work with the beautiful height the lord gave you (surely natural selection? - Ed). 
I've got man boobs but I've learned to love them, love yourself. You're 17 - life is hard, but well done for sharing!!!



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