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Banksy Creates Simpsons Credits


Written by Hannah Grantz
12 Tuesday 12th October 2010

Favorite animated series, The Simpsons, opened a bit differently last night in America. Instead of the usual Springfield landscape, Banksy’s signature tag was shown graffitied across Krusty’s face on a high-rise billboard. And then featured again cluttering the outside wall of Bart’s Springfield Elementary School. Ordinarily jotting down some lesson learned, this episode, entitled MoneyBart, has Bart scribbling “ I must not write all over the walls” on the chalkboard, and walls, and doors... etc. etc.

Banksy continues his creation of the revised Simpson’s theme using inspiration from rumors of Bart, Homer, and Marge being animated in Seoul, South Korea. The dim sweatshop scene shows identical female workers and children with sketches of the Simpson family, in addition to rats, skulls, and crossbones. More factory works throw live cats into a wood chipper, making stuffing for Bart dolls, which are then hauled away by a giant, depressed panda bear.
The animal cruelty remains a pattern in the factory, with some sort of wolf-looking creature’s tounge sealing boxes with “The Simpsons” logo painted on them. A not exactly happy unicorn has been chained to the wall, her horn being used to poke the little donut hole through the center of CDs. Then she eventually collapses.
Banksy’s creation is the first noted time that an outside artist has been given the pleasure of being involved in the opening theme for this hit show. The Simpsons, voted Best International Comedy for consecutive years in a row, kept Banksy’s involvement a secret until the show debuted last night.
You can watch Banksy, a Bristol native, display his work in MoneyBart on it’s 21 October UK release.

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  • Guest: oliver.goodwin
    Wed 13 - Oct - 2010, 10:59
  • Guest: alex
    Tue 12 - Oct - 2010, 16:23
    yeah, this was pretty awesome
  • Guest: forbesgraham
    Tue 12 - Oct - 2010, 11:31
    "The animal cruelty remains a pattern in the factory, with some sort of wolf-looking creature’s tounge sealing boxes with “The Simpsons” logo painted on them." Huh - I thought it was a dolphin??
  • Guest: chris
    Tue 12 - Oct - 2010, 11:23
    the intro was amazing! having insight into the theme behind it is awesome! thanks don't panic....