Bare Bones Issue Five!


Written by Seun Mustapha
08 Monday 08th November 2010

Bare Bones is an independently funded paper for and by young artists in the capital. Each issue is funded by the contributors and so far the group are on their fifth issue. To celebrate the move up to a larger, tabloid sized format the group are holding an exhibition at the Red Gallery in Shoreditch starting from this Friday (November 12). The exhibition will feature work from all the contributors, a specialised drinking / questioning area called 'the new blind pig drinking den' and a full exhibition from featured artist Robert Rubbish entitled Schadelfick which consists of lots of skulls with dildos attached and drawings of skulls with dildos coming out of all sorts of orifices.
Your new exhibition is called Schadelfick and features lots of drawings and sculptures of skulls with dildos coming out of them. What's the concept behind Schadelfick as you intended it?
The concept behind Schadelfick is the saying ‘skullfuck’. I used the German for it because it sounds better then the English. I have been making drawings of skulls for a number of years and wanted to make some 3D work so that’s how the sculptures came about. The dildos and the skulls are, in a nutshell, about sex and death. I am also very interested in the works of Mr. Hirst and just love what he does with skulls, they're to die for.
In the paper you describe Schadelfick as a 'head fuck' moment ranging from being attacked by mosquitoes in your bathroom to the re-election of the Tory government and man’s inhumanity to man. Was there a particular head fuck that kicked the whole thing off and got you thinking along these lines in the first place?
Some might say life is a head fuck. So I would say that just the day-to-day pitfalls of life kick started this whole Schadelfick project. Also being skint and being an artist is a definite head fuck. Of course drinking and drugging can be a head fuck. Looking at Cameron’s smug face on the TV is another big one, and on the subject of the Tory party they are scum who just want to make it hard for the poor and easy for the rich. They want to create a culture of survival of the fittest or wealthiest. Basically they suck.
You say you want Los Pistolos to become its own publication. We like the idea of everything being on the same page though, maybe you could just make one really massive page or something?
Yes I could do that and past it all over the houses of parliament. That would be nice.
I liked how you described Shane Deegan as one of the artists you most respect due to him having 'a fully formed world'. Is this something you're working towards yourself? 
Shane Deegan is a god to me, I don’t think I will ever have a fully formed world like his, but one can only live in hope.
How does Schadelfick fit into this world?
I think it fits into this world very snugly, who knows one day we might see a giant Schadelfick on the forth plinth in Trafalgar square or gracing the Beckhams’ or Elton johns gaff.
Bare Bones V launches at Red Gallery on Rivington Street on Friday, November 12. For more information see here.

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