BFI Flare Film Festival 2018


Written by Dan Haze
16 Friday 16th March 2018

The UK’s longest running LGBTQ+ film event BFI Flare is back for it’s 32nd run! It began in 1986 as Gay’s Own Pictures. By its 3rd edition it was tagged the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and since then has grown to become the largest LGBTQ+ film event in the UK, and its most anticipated. The Festival changed its name to BFI Flare in 2014 to reflect the increasing diversity of its films, filmmakers and audience. The festival is programmed by Jay Bernard, Michael Blyth, Zorian Clayton, Brian Robinson and Emma Smart, led by Artistic Director, Tricia Tuttle.


Tuttle commented on the inspiration for this years program: ‘Queer cinema has never offered more richly complex and diverse characters and stories than we have seen in the last few years and that shines through in the quality of Festival that the programme team have put together. This diversity has also inspired us to update our Festival name to BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival. That Q+ reflects shifts in cultural conversations around identity, but also the Festival’s own ethos as welcoming and inclusive.’




The Festival is divided into three sections: Hearts, Bodies and Minds. Hearts include films about love, romance and friendship. Bodies include stories of sex, identity and transformation. Minds feature reflections on art, politics and community.

My Days Of Mercy opens the Festival on Wednesday 21 March. Powered by stirring performances from Ellen Page and Kate Mara, Shalom-Ezer’s follow up to Princess is a poignant love story between two women from vastly different backgrounds and opposing political views. Postcards From London closes the Festival on Saturday 31 March; BFI Flare will offer for an additional day in 2018 with ‘Second Chance Sunday’ on 1 April, featuring on-demand repeat screenings of audience favourites.

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