Blisters Blackout


Written by Marlon Dolcy
29 Monday 29th November 2010
Down an alley in the backwaters of Dalston, the Print Club will be hosting its annual BLISTERS Poster show on December 3. Featuring 40 illustrators and 40 editioned handprints going for £40 a pop, 40 being the magic number here. There is an added glow in the dark element here, where the venue will be plunged into darkness at impromptu moments during the opening night to view the posters in all their glory.
The show is a mixture of established and amateur works, with established artists such as Ben Eine, Jamie Reid (famous for his Sex pistols Album cover), Mr Bingo, Stevie Gee, Mike Perry and Clifford Richards (penciller for Buffy the Vampire series for Dark Horse Comics), Luke Insect, Si Scott and Pure Evil to name but a few. Who knows what these talented dignitaries will conjure up but it set to be an awesome show and due to its popularity places are limited.
Each year the Print Club opens up the exhibition for submissions for anyone to submit. Therefore established illustrators, street artists and designers are allied with artists straight out of art school and the like. With the aim of supplying affordable art prints to become more accessible to a larger demographic, this will encourage buyers to invest in original artwork. Street artist Ben Eine will be signing his prints on the opening night of the show.
The success of last year’s Secret Blisters and Blisters on My Fingers show the previous year attracted well over 1200 people so this year’s show is expected to be just as popular.
Doors open at 6pm Friday December 3, at MC Motors Dalston. Everything is for sale.

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