Blogger Babes Of The Week II


Written by Al Raz
02 Friday 02nd August 2013

You loved Blogger Babes week 1 so here are the best of British blogger babes this week. They're not always going to be British, I'm just saying as all...

Astral De La Mare is a baking goddess. Anything you can think of, Astral can have it sculpted out of sweet goodness. Her business Buttercream Bakery is really taking off and it's the best place to order from if you want a sweet personalised treat. I just ordered a peanut butter cupcake from her with a teddy bear on top wearing a bandanna saying 'thug life' and it looks insane.

The attention to detail and patience to make these art pieces is beyond me and I seriously suggest you check out the talent for yourself on her website. and get some treats at a prettttty good price.

Alice Howlett is the best make-up and hair artist I have ever worked with. From beauty shoots, to house music videos and then to Bat Mitzvah's and Jewish Weddings, Alice can get you looking 'reem.' She has touched up many a model and has done some beautiful editorial work. You will be amazed by the art-skill being a professional make-up artists takes.
The prettiest I have probably ever looked was when Alice did my make-up. Shame only some horses and my mum got to see it at the end of the day. If you'd like Alice to come round and make you look like a goddess for shoots, birthdays etc then check out her website for all her details.
Chani Ra Layzell aka Valentine Lane is a nail girl by day, alternative dancer and strip tease model by night. The amount of seductive talents this female contains is crazy. She's been a star in the MEAT clothing campaigns and has also featured for Illustrated People and the recent music video by the Vuvuvultures. She likes spending time with her rock n roll boif and surrounding herself in all things diva-esque. She currently works at Needle and Nails salon based in Brighton. Check out her work here.
Mushpit is a twosome of Charlotte Roberts, a stylist and WAH Nails nail technician and Bertie Brandes, Vice journalist and stylist. They run this website that can only be described as the ultimate girly sleepover but all at once right in yo face. Beautiful 90's imagery with purple all around.
It's like Sugar, Bliss and Girl Talk but for over 16's. Most importantly they have a zine which can be bought either online or in WAH/BLEACH salon which is downstairs in Topshop Oxford Circus. So if you're truly a devout follower of the 90's and you want to take it a step further then enter the world of Mushpit and embrace it with all the hair mascara you have. 
Al Raz - I'm shamelessly going to add myself into this article now, sorry. I like complaining and most meats. I dislike everything else. Oh yeah and I have a blog.

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