Bryan J. Robinson


Written by Matthew Robinson
01 Monday 01st June 2009

I’m heading out to meet a local artist who is exhibiting a collection of works that represent two decades of obsessive attention, but which he rarely exhibits. Despite this artistic hermitude, I have been able to look upon these pictures my entire life. The artist in question is my father, Bryan J. Robinson, and his paintings are tattooed into my childhood subconscious. On the face of it they are a Where’s Wally of ghouls, cars, eyeballs, alleyways and lips pressed into a complicated and intricate universe.

My dad says, “I need a big shed, my dad needs a big shed and his dad had a big shed and it’s always a complete shambles.” And that’s what this show is about - shambles, in the original sense of the word; a butcher’s counter. The pictures are the complex entrails of everyday life - ever smaller, and ever more complex. According to my old man, “That’s what is happening now; things just get more and more complicated until it all gets wiped out and we start again.”

“My pictures are non-representative. They are objects in their own right like sculptures. I live in my own world and that’s plain to see from my pictures. So does everyone else to an extent. My pictures could be a snapshot of anyone’s thoughts, not just mine.”

Pa tells me, “Life is better when you don’t read the instructions. No one ever really reads the instructions - they just take it out of the box and start messing about with it.” Painting is pre-language, so perhaps rather than listening to what he says about his work you might be better to go and look for yourself.

Bryan J Robinson is currently exhibiting at Gotz Fusser Studios on Vyner Street until 28 May. For more details, visit

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