Capturing the World With Photographer April Wilder


Written by Dont Panic
20 Monday 20th June 2016

Currently based in London, Canadian photographer April Wilder’s work has spanned the world, from her homeland to Europe and south east Asia. We caught up to talk the nautical photography she’d like to pursue and upcoming plans.

Hey April. How’re you finding 2016 so far?

It’s been a wave so far. Trying to keep myself busy and stay positive.

Over time, how do you think your style - if at all - has changed?

I don’t think it has changed much to be honest, just an overall openness has grown into it. You sort of have to be willing to change a bit when you start getting paid to shoot.

Do you ever feel constrained by your style, format etc? How do you challenge yourself?

Definitely. I know what I can shoot and I only shoot film. A lot of the time I turn down jobs because I know they need a digital photographer and I stopped shooting digital a long time ago.

I challenge myself with new cameras. I just bought a Hasselblad, so right now I’m teaching myself to shoot in medium format.

What effect do you think shooting all over the world has on you shots?

It at times makes me more relaxed about my work or uptight. Traveling you are wowed by so many simple things. Sometimes that helps knowing that someone who hasn’t seen what your shooting will be wowed and sometimes hinders it because you don’t think it’s “wowness” is enough.

Is there a particular place you like to shoot, or where you think you’ll get good shots?

Morocco. The landscapes, the colours, the desert and the people are beautiful. It’s been a dream to go there and shoot.

What would you most like to shoot that, for whatever reason, you haven’t managed to and why?

Sharks, underwater photography. Haven’t managed to be in a place yet where they are readily available. I’m heading back to Asia come winter so I’ve got a plan on buying a cheap GoPro and starting there.

What projects have you got lined up in the foreseeable?

Trying to focus on a personal project that is very close to my heart. It’s at the early stages at the moment but I’m hoping it will end up being my first exhibition by the end of the year.

Anyone you’d like to shout out?

Hey ma.

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