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Written by Jess Caddick
07 Friday 07th February 2014

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So far we have witnessed our fair share of tasteless post workout selfies, unavoidable duckfaces, mirror selfies and girls in snapbacks. Thankfully, Pictoplasma has set out to give an alternative meaning to posting a "selfie", with whole lot of character. 

Character "selfie" by Camila Bejarano

Pictoplasma invites all international designers, illustrators and artists to get out their hand-held digital camera or mobile phone and get involved. The open call for entries is to submit a self-portrait of their character for the upcoming anniversary exhibition, the 10th Pictoplasma Berlin Festival. During the show (April 30th - May 12th 2014) a central installation will feature a new generation of visual characters, as captured by your selves, to counter the classic "selfie" format. The brief for the project allows users of any creative media to get involved, be it photography, illustration, painting or mixed media, as long as the result depicts your character taking a selfie. 

More information on submission guidelines here.

Retro "selfie" by David Luepschen 

Tiny "selfies" by Osian Efnisien

Osian explains to Pictoplasma - "I was a bit worried about making tiny little tiny's doing little selfies because the secret government uses mobile phones to do mind control and stuff but then I thought if I gave them little tiny tin foil hats then it'd be ok so here you are! "

Toilet "selfie" by Speck Malacara


Psychedelic "selfie" by Ori Toor


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