Christian Newell's Artwork


Written by Al Raz
15 Thursday 15th August 2013
I've seen a lot of bullshit when it comes to art. I'm not the type to be impressed by a human shit on a canvas, no matter how much you contextualise it and compare it to the suffering of kittens in Egypt, I'm just not buying it. However, Arts London does every now and then lay a Fabergé egg into the urban atmosphere amongst all the poo poos on canvas. I found one.
Christian Newell is one of the best fine art painters of this generation that I've ever seen. He has all the traditional values, qualities and patience you'd find in the old school masters of painting with the contemporary aspects that any 22 year old London male would feature in his life. The mixture of contemporary and classic is clear within his artwork and is pretty much fine art at its best. 
Newell indulges in all things creative and is one of the members of the UK's upcoming Last Night in Paris musical collective featuring other well known names like rapper Danny Seth. They are a fashion, musical and artistic movement who have recently performed at Glastonbury and Global Gathering and are known for their 'all black everything' fashion approach and their overly impressive music videos.
He also dips his foot in the poetry pool and features on the recently released Roses EP. His art work has been displayed at places like The Mall Galleries and he's also been featured in the Adidas Take The Stage campaign in which he had a huge billboard of work displayed alongside a video you can see here. You name something cool, Young Newell's probably gone and done it.
Portrait of Malcom Mcilwee

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