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Cult Mountain: Artists Teaser Trailer


Written by Mike Cridland
04 Tuesday 04th February 2014

Corporations don't tend to have a mission statement as heartfelt as Cult Mountains, mainly because they don't really give a shit about you... but here's Cult Mountains manifesto:

'We promote and showcase the works of emerging artistic talent in all fields.

Fashion, street art, screen printing, jewellery, accessories, ceramics, music, photography and home ware.

We also have a rad vegetarian cafe, with loads of wheat free, gluten free options and serve Monmouth Coffee with FREE wifi.

We believe we should support each other and the talent we have right here in this country, in a bold move away from eastern mass manufacture and lining the pockets of the capitalist high street stores.

We believe that your money is your vote, be wise in how you cast it.

We love finding new talent buried under the rubble of the established and nepotist art world and also pride ourselves in finding the 'next big thing.'

These are the people you need to be supporting.

Cult Mountain is completely self funded, we need your help to change the world and our destructive human habits one person at a time.'

Lovely stuff.

Get involved by visiting them and showing some support:

Cult Mountain, 141 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG (top of Brick Lane).

Also, check out this great little promotional trailer about the shop, its ethos and the people involved that make it what it is.

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