David Farrell Exhibition Review


Written by Liam Wachs
Photos and illustrations by © David Farrell, courtesy of Osborne Samuel
12 Friday 12th September 2014

David is famous for his work with legendary musicians and actors, and you are reminded of this immediately as you are greeted by photos of The Beatles, Ravi Shankar and Louis Armstrong. Some of these are certainly impressive but it is the more personal, behind the scenes shots of Jacqueline du Pre and Daniel Barenboim that really strike a chord. Another certain highlight are the photos of a young Judy Dench  as Titania in Peter Hall’s Midsummer Nights Dream (1968).

Some of the finer touches in the exhibition are the photographs of artists Lynn Chadwick and Henry Moore working in their studios, which come with matching sculptures.

Once you reach the back of the gallery you are reminded of the artists more down to earth work which include several photos of every day life in Gloucester in the 50s. They are a lovely and sometimes touching reminder of how much life has changed over the last 60 or so years. A personal favourite is a shot of some calves being cared for by guards on a Gloucester train platform in 1954.

The one downside to the gallery is a slight lack of space which can make it quite difficult to move around and view the works properly so I would recommend going at off peak times. All in all it is a very charming exhibition and one I would suggest attending if you find yourself with half an hour to kill in Mayfair.


David Farrell: Life Through the Lens

Osborne Samuel

1 - 20 September


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