Dean Karr


Written by Richard Parker
01 Friday 01st May 2009

What are you most at home shooting?

Probably women and animals. But I've worked with some crazy animals, like mandrill baboons, which cause a problem. They're too scary for people to be around. I tried to combine women and a pack of hyenas, but the girls wouldn't go near them.

Twins in the Ukraine

Your horror stills for Universal are pretty terrifying.

I've been a horror buff my whole life. That darkness is really deep inside me. How deep? Well, if me and my friends found a dead body in the street, I wouldn't call the police straight away if you know what I mean. I'd take pictures first. I worked in a cemetery for six years in Seattle. I like looking at that stuff. And Marilyn Manson's image was the result of a lengthy collaboration between us.

Universal horror stills

How did you develop such a passion for the great white shark?

It's been a dream of mine since I was ten and saw Jaws. Back in 1988 when I was working on the Deftones My Own Summer video, I was able to write sharks in. We had prosthetic sharks, probably about as good as Spielberg's, but I made the record label take me to Australia. We went to this famous place called ‘Dangerous Reef', me and my friend (shark expert) Rodney Fox, but it was a really upsetting trip. We spent six day there and I didn't see any great whites. I went back the next year - still no sharks. And then I found out that in San Diego, half an hour away, they're everywhere. As soon as we went out we saw six 18ft-ers.

When I go now I get out of the cage and touch them. I make sure to let the mouth go by first, you can kind of tell which ones have bad attitudes. My partner and I have just got a two person submarine for future observation.

The UK has been shaken by a scandal over politician's expenses. What has been your largest expenses claim?

I don't scam anyone! But it was probably for a ten day trip to the Amazon to shoot a video for the Dave Matthews Band. That was when music videos cost $300,000. I'll never get a chance to do that again.

On the amazon

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