Deptford is our Area of the Month


Written by Don't Panic
01 Tuesday 01st May 2018

This month, we unwillingly climb into an Uber we can’t afford to make the long journey back south at 6 am and much like the pilgrimage of Jeffrey Chaucer, we're going to pass through Deptford! If the Canterbury Tales connection doesn’t grab your attention then the fact that Deptford railway station is one of the oldest suburban stations in the world will definitely draw you in.  

After some tough times in the 20th century with the closing of the docks, and damage caused by the bombing during the Second World War - a V-2 rocket destroyed a Woolworth's store!! Although the Woolworths never returned the economy did, an economy that destroyed the Woolworths for good. Deptford has come so far now the area and its surrounding provinces have been referred to as the ‘New Shoreditch’! Not by anyone who lives there, of course, someone at Timeout probably created the epithet on a Wednesday afternoon.

Much like some of the best places in South London, Deptford is home to  a number of student populations, including those of Goldsmiths College, the University of Greenwich, Bellerbys College and Laban Dance Centre (whatever that is…) Which is why we have lovingly named it Debtford, even though most of London could probably be nicknamed this…

Literally doused in history, but luckily not set alight during the London riots, Deptford has always been a melting port of arts and culture. In what sounds like a standard night out for a Goldsmiths Anthropology student the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe was killed during an alleged drunken brawl in a pub in Deptford Strand, as punishment for his "epicurism and atheism".

In more modern times Deptford, after it had evolved from the literal dire straits of the past Deptford, became home to Dire Straits, who lived on the Crossfield Estate in the late 1970s, along with Mark Perry, founder of the punk fanzine Sniffin Glue and punk rock band Alternative. Influential Mod/Punk band The Chords also used The Birds Nest, on the Crossfield Estate, as their centre of operations.

Watch this space for further community stories from Deptford on art, nightlife and the best buys in the famous flea market! 




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