Deptford X


Written by Don't Panic
23 Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Deptford X is London's longest-running contemporary visual arts festival and has been experienced by over one million people since its inception. Founded in 1998 as an artist-led project rooted in Deptford’s creative communities, Deptford X has grown to become one of the UK’s leading festivals of contemporary art. This year the festival runs 23 September - 2 October.

The 19th annual Deptford X festival will consolidate and build on an ambitious new curatorial framework, piloted in 2016. At its heart are two programmes which together give the festival its unique character: Platform, a set of five commissions for emerging artists in public spaces, and Fringe, an expansive open programme of independent projects. Deptford X will also present a commissioned Special Project and a range of tours, talks and learning activities.

In Platform; five emerging contemporary artists will be commissioned to produce a substantial new public work, responding to the context of Deptford X. The programme will offer key support to young artists with great potential at an often overlooked stage of their nascent careers. This focussed programme offers the chosen artists an exciting commission and development support and provides the art world and the public with a talent showcase an ambitious new work that responds to the festival's unique context. The artists to be featured this year are Shawanda Corbett, Georgia Lucas-Going, Laura Yuile, David Steans, Nicola Thomas. Deptford X will also present a commissioned Special Project by Louise Ashcroft.

The Fringe will sit alongside the Platform programme at the heart of the festival. Each year Deptford X extends an open call to artists, groups, curators and gallerists to contribute to the forthcoming festival through exhibitions, performances, screenings, open studios and other events. Supported and facilitated by Deptford X, the Fringe celebrates the strength and diversity of contemporary art practice, with a focus on the work of local artists.

Submissions for the Fringe open THIS week, so if you're a budding artist keen to get involved visit Deptford X's website here.



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