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Documentary: Sk8Face


Written by Robert Foster
10 Monday 10th March 2014

Today's Kickstarter project is the horribly named but great looking 'Sk8face', a feature documentary about the history and evolution of skateboard art and culture.

In 2007, Director Matt Bass packed his camera bag and went south to San Diego to film the first ever "Vintage Skateboard Auction" setting off on what he believed was going to be a year-long process.

About a year and half into shooting Matt sat down with lifelong friend and veteran editor, Ron Haas and crafted the first SK8FACE trailer. Matt then sent the video to the granddaddy of skateboard graphics, Wes Humpston to get his approval. Soon after, legendary skate photographer, Grant Britain emailed Matt to say that he loved the video and posted it on his blog at

Within three days the video went globally viral and amassed more than one million hits and shut the site down! SK8FACE was talked about on blogs all over the world as well as big name sites like ESPN, HYPEBEAST, YAHOO and countless skateboard sites. At that point, SK8FACE created a YouTube channel. With this new exposure, Matt was able to secure interviews with many previously unavailable artists that he wanted to feature in the film. Self financing a film proved to be challenging to say the least, but Matt never stopped working and continued to fund the film however he could. Now it’s up to you.


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