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Don't Panic Presents


Written by Gabriel Mathews
16 Friday 16th June 2017


Artist: Pseudobruitismus Africamus

We are assuming that Pseudobruitismus Africamus is not the artist’s real name because that would be bizarre. But then again the art is bizarre so perhaps it’s fitting. The work is incredible and just the right amount of weird. Definitely worth a look.





Photographer: Alfred Bronson

Alfred has been capturing city life and street fashion since 2014. Again he’s a relative unknown but his style of photographer will no doubt find its way into your news feed in the near future.




Musician: Kontroversi

Intergalactic brothers from alternate universes creating music that’s good for your mind, body and soul. Both dj under different names, Margaret Scratcher and Lionclub but they have collaborated to bring the world their own style of music, ‘Cadillac funk’ which you will be hearing a lot of throughout the festival circuit this summer.


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