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Written by James Ratcliffe
08 Thursday 08th May 2014

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Are there any projects in particular you have loved / hated working on recently?

We're currently working on a project using moving image featuring a fantastical constructed glass metropolis made out of replications of valuable glass artifacts, combined with disposable domestic glassware. The computer generated city we are creating exists conceptually only in the space of the screen and the viewers's eye, which is very different from our normal practice where we physically build installations in our studio and photograph them. The idea of finding new ways of approaching our work is always a new love affair for us.

A project which had alternatively equal measures of love and hate recently involved us being armpit deep in a tank of black molasses for 3 days attempting to make surrealist spheres in the sticky mess. We finally abandoned the project once the tank began leaking and the sugary flood streamed across our studio floor. However, the clear up and scene was both hilarious and horrific, like all the all best Sci-Fi films.

What do you enjoy about working as a pair compared to singularly?

Working as a team gives us the space to make mistakes. Once you know that your partner has 'got your back' you are free to experiment and try new things on set without the fear of failure. Some of our most interesting work has origins in the mistakes we have made and we have learnt to embrace them. Emergency chocolate Hobnobs are also essential for our partnership. Working singularly is perhaps now something difficult to remember for us both. We do work on separate unrelated projects, however the studio becomes a mutual space of symbiosis once we step back inside. We constantly feed from each others imaginations and personal experience. Ideas bounce back and forth as if we are in an epic Ping-Pong game.

How long have you both been practising as a photographers and what are backgrounds in Art & Design?

We formed our partnership relatively recently in 2011, however we both had previous extensive backgrounds in the construction of the photographic image.

Alessandra has exhibited in various group shows and had her first solo show in Charleroi, Belgium in 2011. Her work has been published in various academic journals on visual culture and Alessandra's recent book 'A Partial History' was nominated in 2013 for the Deutsche Börse Photography Book Prize. She has been part of various talks and symposium on the function of the photographic images within the process of urban change, considering photographs as documents and the prevarications and representations of sites in transition. 

Philip has had a fashion editorial background working as a commissioning editor for a number of national and international newspaper and magazine titles. These range from the global lifestyle Wallpaper* magazine to the Fashion Directorship of Selfridges magazine, as well as independent start-up fashion publications. Presently as well as being part of the Kila & Rusharc partnership, he is an Associate Lecturer in Photography at the University of the Arts London.

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