Emma Colbert's Abstract Forms


Written by Don't Panic
01 Friday 01st December 2017

Emma Colbert is an artist whose abstracted forms tell stories of the female experience and challenge society's ideas of gender roles. We asked her a few questions on her inspiration and process.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I tend to base my work off my everyday experiences as a woman and questioning the domesticity of traditional gender roles, this is through abstracted forms, mark making and simple gestures. I never really like saying too much about each individual piece as I want the viewer to have their own interpretation of the work and their own experience with it.


What mediums are you using right now?

I am in a period of experimentation within my work and I am enjoying exploring new materials, I would say I am predominantly a painter though as it is what I always come back to. I become quite immersed in what I am doing when I am painting and find it quite therapeutic.


What do you hope for your work?

I am a feminist and my work is a part of that, like the saying goes ‘the personal is political’ I have found that what I am creating relates to a lot of other women my age. I hope my work empowers women and showcases issues in our society.


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