Fashion brand Myloclo comes to Bristol


Written by Ed Rowe
13 Wednesday 13th May 2015

Many fashion labels exist throughout Bristol and with the city being famous for its independent and locally driven economy, with places such as St Nicks market and Stokes Croft being the hubs of such demand, two guys based in Torquay are hoping to get involved in the Bristol fashion scene.


The company they run, MyLoclo is not looking to become a national craze or a multinational retailer but to make quality artistic Tees which meet the needs of the customer.  Paul Richardson and Mitch Smith are the drivers of Myloclo and have very simple aims. I caught up with Paul who explained:


“[We wanted to] come up with unique ways to build a community of people who love what we do such as treasure hunts, competitions and movie nights at the local cinema, so far we have screened classic films such as Labyrinth and Ghostbusters with the aim to do more in the future.”

Events such as this have helped Myloclo gain their own small fan base. Hand producing clothing is something which can present its own problems and is very time consuming when it comes to production. However, this does not seem to phase the duo;  “By doing this it allows us to play around with ideas, print on various garment types and gives us the flexibility to try more new things.”


The whole idea to create the business began seven years ago, and wasn’t without its initial setbacks, “Having never screen printed anything before we bought a basic printing carousel off ebay and then used YouTube to learn how to print t-shirts which was not as easy as expected! It took just over a year to fully understand it and get to a point where we were consistently printing good prints and in the process we wasted a lot of ink and 100's of t-shirts. We nearly gave up and sold the machine a number of times but we’re definitely glad we stuck with it.”

The lads have come on leaps and bounds since their early days, establishing the brand properly in 2013 with Mitch Smith coming on board in 2014. Mitch, who currently studies fine art at Bristol UWE is the main craftsmen, producing the artwork on the clothing. I asked him where he gets his ideas from and influences for his designs from, “We take the things we love in life and translate them into clothing. We don't care so much about what's fashionable or trending. We just go with whatever, people seem to appreciate that more than trying to get their money’s worth and I think that's what makes a brand genuine. Seeing people wearing a shirt I designed for fun is the best feeling.” Now with their own shop in Torquay they have firmly established themselves in the small town, but are looking to expand to Bristolian horizons

“we’re looking to stock some of the independent clothes stores and putting on events such as free art and clothing treasure hunts. We are also currently looking at launching Myloclo at the movies in Bristol and possibly organising an art auction and pop up shop with live music and skate competitions with all profits going to charity. Some great shit basically so keep an eye out for us and come along!”


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