FOUR: A New Exhibition by Manchester Art Collective Generic Greeting


Written by Esme Rees
26 Thursday 26th February 2015

As an outsider, landing in any new city can be a challenge. Manchester has a particularly unique way of getting its claws right in, engulfing you into the heart of its community in a way that makes it very hard to want to leave.

With a surging creative scene and clubs and bars to rival any UK city, it's like an exuberant youth in its prime all pumped and ready to tackle those bigger boys in London.

Emerging from this progression is art collective Generic Greeting. Founded in 2010 it was initially set up by four members as a vehicle to support their own artwork. Since then the collective have welcomed new creatives into their midst and their ensemble has grown into an all encompassing creative force with illustrators, designers, filmmakers, photographers and DJs alike. So it comes as no surprise to us that the name 'Generic Greeting' is becoming commonplace, notorious for their work, events, exhibitions and installations all across the city and beyond.

Harry Mckenzie

The passion these guys and girls have for their craft is contagious. With ideas bouncing back and forth and team workshops set up to encourage creativity within the collective, their work stems not from want of fame nor money, but from a real love. 

Alex Macdougall

Now in their fourth year, they have a lot to be celebrating. Generic Greeting boast an impressive catalogue of clients from Manchester and the UK: Soup Kitchen, Font, Independent Venue Week, Projekts Skatepark and The Skinny, The BBC, MTV, Channel 4, Rinse FM, Red Bull Music, The Fader, Nous Magazine and The Association of Illustrators - to name but a few! (full client list here).

With all that under their belt plus award winning short films, several exhibitions and three music compilations it is no wonder that this motley crew are ready for a good old knees up. 


Their aptly named exhibition 'FOUR' is taking place at TAKK on Thursday 5th of March and will feature an impressive body of work from 13 artists plus free booze supplied by Hawkshead Brewery and great tunes provided by their own DJs and producers.

The theme of the evening is in response to a quote taken from Jean-Paul Satre's novel Nausea:

“I am afraid of towns. But you mustn’t leave them. If you venture too far, you come to the Vegetation Belt… In a town, if you know how to go about it, and choose the times when the animals are digesting or sleeping in their holes, behind the heaps of organic detritus, you rarely come across anything but minerals.” 

The evening starts at 6 o'clock and if you are in Manchester do what you do best - support these young creatives and go and soak up the vibes!

Everyone else, keep up to date by liking their Facebook, following them on Twitter and Instagram and treating your ears to the dynamic sounds of their monthly playlists. 2015 is going to be a big year.

Will Berry

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Previous exhibition 'Pillar'.

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