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01 Tuesday 01st September 2009

Posing as ‘Effed up’ in July 07 the band put on a typically destructive show, destroying most of their studio in the process. This for the uninitiated, is a mainstay of the band's ethos. Fucked up went on to tour the US, UK and most of Europe causing near-riots at festivals, thousands of pounds (Euros, Dollars, whatever) worth of damage to unsuspecting clubs, instruments, crowd and themselves along the way.

The band have gone from self-releasing 7” singles from a basement to appearing in every music magazine in the known universe, selling records for up to £100 on Ebay, being attacked on stage for being Nazi’s and making every ‘cool list’ there is. All while somehow, miraculously retaining credibility and the respect of the notoriously anti-success/recognition hardcore crowd. In an attempt to destroy that credibility we decided to harass guitarist and original member of the practicing line-up 10,000 Marbles (or Mike Haliechuk) who recently changed his name to 1 Million Meatballs because that makes more sense.

Totally fucked...

DP: Really liked the stage name 10, 000 Marbles. Reminded me of nightmare on Elm Street six where Freddy drops all the marbles on the floor and that guy's head explodes.

MIKE (Guitarist): Haha, I've never seen any of those movies. The name apparently is from Animal House. Something about getting that many marbles for a prank against the dean or something like that. I just changed it to 1 Million Meatballs.

DP: How are things with the new album? We heard you're going about recording it in a different way than you usually would.

MIKE: It is sounding great. We started recording in January and it will be out in October on Matador Records. There is no "usually" with us, we've only ever done one full length album. But usually we have everything thought out beforehand, from the music to the lyrics up to the liner notes and the sleeve design.

DP: But this time you’re going with a more open approach?

MIKE: This time we still aren't finished writing the music, and some of the songs are already mixed. So basically we are just being very relaxed. If we're mixing a song and we decide we want horns or organ on it, we just put it aside and have someone come in and do it.

Damien, in his earlier, happier days...

DP: You guys often use a Lot of tracks. As someone versed in failing to mix even two guitars together over a drum loop without it sounding like total, total shit I can see how you guys need a lot of time for mixing an album.

MIKE: Most of the songs have about 60-70 tracks on there.

DP: Are there any 19 minute mega-epics on the album this time?

MIKE: Nah, it's a pretty conventional record in terms of length. The first and last songs kind of have intros and outros, but nothing else really breaches the 5 minute mark.

DP: I remember narrowly avoiding a painful mosh-pit-related-death after going to see you guys at Tales of the Jackalope last year. Are you planning to come over and ruin any more of our festivals this year?

MIKE: We're doing lots of these big festivals this summer so that should be weird.

DP: It will be wet. Wet, wet, wet. Your meatballs will be ruined.

MIKE: Haha, okay then.

DP: You seem like such a fun, happy guy from these answers. What attracted you toward the screaming and anger of hardcore culture?

MIKE: I'm not really sure. I guess we were punk kids like everyone else growing up and didn't realise in time that you are supposed to move on when you are 18.

DP: Do you feel that hardcore still exists as a meaningful subculture?

 MIKE: Not really. Things are too fragmented hardcore is already a subculture within a subculture. No one cares. I don't think there is such thing as a real counter-culture anymore.

Make sure you check out Fucked Up at their gigs (or shows if you’re a yank) across the UK over the next few months. You can download a free mixtape from the Fucked up boys here.

Fucked up will also be fucking up the following venues across the summer:

July 3rd @ The Tap and Tin with Ghost of a Thousand

July 4th @ The Zoo8 Festival with Gallows and Lethal Bizzle

July 12th @ T in the Park

July 13th @ The Supersonic Festival

July 14th @ The Water Rats in Kings X with Lovvers and the Shitty limits.

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