08 Monday 08th November 2010
Alexander James’ photographic series Fusion captures vivid colour, with a shock of light and energy, and the charred remains of natural beauty. From the middle of a sphere of beautiful exotic flowers, with the darkest black background, using a basic chemical reaction he shoots a volt of energy through the stems and captures the firework on film. The end result is absolutely stunning.
James wanted these powerful images to convey society's hunger for consumerist destruction. I don't think many people could take this collection in and not be reminded of the BP oil spill, the destruction that a glitch in a man-made system can cause on the natural calm and beauty of oblivious nature. While the photos are jaw-dropping and hypnotising, they come with a slightly more sinister, underlying message about a worrying environmental and political issue.
It makes us remember the transience of life. One moment we are a glorious spark of energy and colour, the next we are nothing more than a grey dust to be swept up and thrown away.

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  • Guest: alex
    Wed 01 - Aug - 2012, 17:15
    actually I am not a lover of how that text reads either Lol signed Alexander James - ps I wonder if you could credit me with a link - '2012 © Alexander James www.DistilEnnui.com'
  • Guest: annananarandall
    Tue 11 - Jan - 2011, 12:57
    holdmyface is a pretentious twat
  • Guest: holdmyface
    Wed 10 - Nov - 2010, 20:10
    'Fusion': a title that suggests an awareness of subtlety and sophistication largely absent from the text itself.