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Written by Don't Panic
21 Thursday 21st June 2018

S.a.r.k is a new label by Lauren Grant, created as a homage to the white shirt – a piece that Lauren has come back to again and again in her work and her own wardrobe, and is a staple on the icons that inspire both. “The formality, the heritage and the way the white shirt works as a blank canvas somehow encapsulates fine tailoring and effortlessness at the same time” says Grant a stylist and fashion editor whose collaborated with powerhouses like British Vogue, Grazia, Nylon, Elle and The Nowness. S.a.r.k launches Collection One with six perfect white shirts, each playfully re-imagined with irreverent but exquisitely rendered detailing.

Each piece takes as it’s starting point a puff-shouldered or classic men’s style 100% cotton shirt. But while the shirt is the hero, the detailing is the difference that makes these classic pieces into conversation pieces – with designs immortalising Grant's colloquial teen memories in intricate embroidery and with metal statement buttons. On one shirt a Marlboro Lights packet peeps out of a pocket in glinting gold stitch; another has shiny happy Prozac pills run the length of a placket; gleaming red talons serve as buttons for some very sharp tailoring. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, the future is wearing your issues on your chest! The darker undertones of the humorous buttons are a homage to Damien Hirst and the 90s Young British Artists scene with a modern hint of Patrick Melrose. “However much I like the idea of women looking sophisticated, classic and French, I’m actually British, which means I have a desire to inject a sense of humour into clothes and raise eyebrows,” says Grant. Every part of the shirt is made in England with the metal buttons created in Birmingham and all embroidery in London using 100% superlative cotton. The end products are polished pieces that are worn with a wink – shirts that are business at the front, and party at the front and the back is for whatever you want!

Grant said of the debut collection “I have a desire to inject a sense of humour into clothes and raise eyebrows. The white shirt provides the perfect canvas for this subversive detailing. The metal buttons provide tactility that is engaging for the wearer and a talking point for everyone who sees them. For instance, the Prozac buttons unscrew and the fake nails have a hidden shiny gold reverse”

Prozac pill buttons that open ey? We've got a feeling that S.a.r.k may receive a few orders around Warehouse Project season...



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