GP2010 Print Tour


Written by Molly Ashby
24 Wednesday 24th November 2010

To round off a great year for Gamma Proforma, the London based record and arts label is taking its GP2010 Print series on the road across the UK from December 11. Described as ‘a collision of music, graphic art and great nights in stunning venues’, it only takes a quick look at the line up of the twelve artists involved to realize that this is something special.

The first on the list is a suitably futuristic piece by Syd Mead, artist and conceptual designer whose impressive history includes work for science fiction films such as Blade Runner and TRON. Next is the offering of 123Klan, a French-founded creative studio that has worked with the likes of Nike, Coca Cola and Lamborghini, ‘Rebel without a pause’. Paul Pope, New York based ‘comic hero’ artist and DJ, is the creator of the ‘Nurias’ image above, while similarly multi-talented British born Rob Swain (Methodblack) is responsible for ‘Escape from 1982’, below.
There are also pieces by Jared Nickerson (vector superstar) Christopher St. Leger (Texan painter), Elph (Edinburgh-born graffiti artist and graphic designer), Phil Ashcroft (PhIAsh), Rhys Owens (Welsh artist, designer and creator of Hidden Moves), Alex Varanese (‘tortured artist, rogue scientist and international playboy’), Nobumasa Takahashi (Japanese artist/illustrator, see ‘Tenbeni, Osaka, Godairiki’ below) and finally, Simon Page, a self-taught graphic designer who has been cited as a rising star of the future by Digital Artist and commissioned by Computer Arts.
The tour will be stopping at seven destinations across the country, each of which will host a week long exhibition of the series kicked off by an exclusive launch party with GP DJ’s and live acts. The venues include the Zigfrid Von Underbelly in London, Ohso Social in Brighton, The Forum Café in Sheffield, Walrus in Manchester, Sygn in Edinburgh, Recoat Gallery in Glasgow, and the Black Box Café in Belfast. Selected venues have also commissioned one off ‘Lucky Thirteen’ pieces to be created by two of the artists and unseen before the event.  
A unique opportunity to see the work of some of the most exciting graphic artists around.

For more details about the tour or featured artists, go to the Gamma Proforma site here.

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