Hello Kitty: Subverting Sanrio


Written by Jade French
12 Monday 12th November 2012

Teen Wife Kitty

This video is totally a totally appropriate way to be inspired by Hello Kitty - she is a muse after all. Courtney Stodden is a teen reality TV star who married 51 year old Doug Hutchison, best known for his roles as sadistic corrections officer Percy Wetmore in The Green Mile and Eugene Tooms in The X-Files. Courtney is a fine actress, she really gives the character her all, eating a whole bag of cat food and scratching about in a litter tray with her six inch perspex heels. Fan dedication, or freaky role play fetish. Whichever way you look at it: it's weird.


Venus Kitty

In 2004, Sanrio commissioned a huge replica of the Venus de Milo with Hello Kitty's head. With no mouth and now no arms, Kitty gets a bit of a rough deal from Jeremy Scott! The mythical Venus embodies sex, beauty, enticement and seduction which would be a bit inappropriate for the mild mannered kitty aimed at children and child-like adults (unless you're Courtney Stodden), right? Although even Hello Kitty could have a dark side after reading one to many chapters of 50 Shades of Grey.

Old Master Kitty

Hello Kitty is an enigma, so who better to have reppin' Art History? Leslie Holt takes the Kitty on a tour through all the Old Masters, giving her a mermaid tail and sailor suit to fit into her surroundings. If only Sanrio had created Kitty earlier than the 1970s, then Renoir would have had the full benefit of her artistic influence. I bet he's spinning in his grave at missed merch opportunities.

Leslie Holt, Hello Monet / Hello Renoir (boating party)

Gory Kitty

Frankenstein by Undead Ed

Characters like Satan Worship Kitty really take the edge off her usually sweet demeanor and give her a bad-ass vibe. And remodeling Hello Kitty figurines into a zombie version of her is genius!  Who would suspect the innocent Hello Kitty of being a cultist? It's the perfect disguise! Although even creepier than post-dead zombie is foetus Kitty, umbilical cord and all. 


Spiritual Kitty

Soasig Chamillard, Détournement Statue Sainte Vierge

Hello Kitty really does embody the ideals of spirituality - she's quiet and placid, thoughtful and a ready cipher to suck in lots of ideas. Soasig Chamillard's statues of the Virgin Mary had to include her, if only because she looks so good in that blue/yellow combo. Lady Gaga (obv) gets on board and has a whole Hello Kitty ecstasy thing going on. Her eye make-up is pretty good though, snaps for that Gaga('s make-up artist). There's even a Vishnu Kitty dressed like Sailor Moon. And, on a side note, I really want that Buddha keyring - only 6 weeks or so until Christmas HINT HINT .

Serenity by Peter Chan, Lady Gaga as Hello Kitty with a Halo, Photograph by Mullenkedheim


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