Henry J. Miller Exhibition Review


03 Monday 03rd November 2014

Captured in his lens, he achieves what countless photographers far beyond his years have failed to do; provide significance to the ordinary.  

The camera is an intimate eyepiece into and out of Miller’s life; an explorer of underground culture, an appreciator of architecture and an adventurous traveller. His subjects range from a large Eastern European woman standing over a lake in a snug fitting bikini, a hooded butcher standing in the back of his truck and a few personal photos capturing friends and family. A still life of a beautiful, dead silver mackerel on a concrete floor is the perfect embodiment of his vision and images he creates that combine the city with natural elements.  What perhaps is most distinctive about this collection is Miller’s high level of sophistication and creativity in his use of lighting. Whether it’s the harsh bang of a flash that startles a seagull, the playful manipulation of shadows that dwarfs people standing by or capturing a golden sunset through windows or onto multi storey flats, the levels of experimentation and shifts of scale keep Millers work consistently engaging and diverse. 

The exhibition so far (previously showcased at The Centrespace Gallery in Bristol) has been a triumphant introduction to the work of Henry Jack Miller. It’s a warming and beautiful tribute to his hometown of Bristol and a rich, visual experience to his life, his travels, his companions.

There will be a second viewing at The Stokes Croft Festival of the Arts starting from Thursday 11th September to Sunday 14th September. Prints will also be available for purchase. The exhibition will be shown at 17-25 Jamaica Street, ‘The New Building’, next to the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft HQ.

All free, all welcome.
Written by Fahr Projections/ Daisy Marshall

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