Hey Everyone, Knitting is Cool!


Written by Esme Rees
30 Friday 30th October 2015

I got a pair of knitting needles for Christmas one year while I was still at 6th form and throughout the winter months, after some practise, I took on the challenge of knitting a fine scarf. I dragged my yarn and needles in and out of college and relished in the attention it received. 

Branded by cartoons and teenage dramas as something only Grandma's and 'nerds' did, knitting certainly wasn't deemed 'cool' but my peers were intrigued. By the time my scarf was finished everyone wanted a piece of the action.

Because actually, there is nothing cooler than owning something created by you. 

And it's pretty easy too! There are plenty of great craft clubs in London for you to do as an adult if you fancy the challenge. London Craft Club, for example, regularly run fun artsy craftsy workshops. In November you can join the workshop that teaches you how to knit your own scarves, with your arms!!

No needles or knitting experience needed. Just your ol' human body doing the work.

In an hour and a half you'll have made a mini-snood ready to go and by the end of the session you'll have a completed creation of your very own! There's plenty of amazing recycled t-shirt yarn to choose from, provided by Hoooked (who have all the equipment you could ever need) so you can really make your scarf your own. Or, if you're stuck for Christmas ideas, is there a better gift?!

Once you've got the knit knack there'll be no stopping you, think of all the scarves you could make in a year if it only takes a couple of hours to do one!

London Craft Club's Speedy Arm Knitting is definitely value for money. Book your place here and get £5 off using code DONTPANIC at the check out.

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