Hidden Clue to Win Pure Evil Original Artwork


Written by Hannah Grantz
03 Wednesday 03rd November 2010
Beck’s Shape Your Music Experience project has chosen to collaborate with Don’t Panic to hold a sort of “Name That Tune” contest. Don’t Panic has chosen graffiti artist Pure Evil to create a piece with inspiration from a track on play.com. Your job is to find out which track that is, based on clues from each artists' video and additional daily clues, posted on Beck’s Vier Facebook page. Today the final clue was listed for Don’t Panic and Pure Evil’s creation, entitled “Keep Music Evil”.

This isn’t Pure Evil’s first time working with Don’t Panic - he's created designs for us in the past and created a brand new piece of art for our our 10th anniversary poster exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery (below). His expertise in both music (he’s currently teaching himself to play the drums) and art make him the ideal candidate to represent Don’t Panic in the Shape Your Music Experience contest. When asked where the inspiration behind “Keep Music Evil” came from, Pure Evil says it is a “reproduction of John Bonham’s drum set that he actually used in the 1970s. Then he drank himself to death.”

Pure Evil likes to make his own “weird” music, similar to the type of song you can find on play.com that he also used for inspiration towards his creation, with a “natural beat that has been synthesized to create an electronic sounding beat.” If you can guess the fate-defining song behind Pure Evil’s John Bonham magic, by London-based band Factory Floor, enter online to be in with a chance to win his original art piece. Obviously it's not Led Zeppelin but think a little deeper...like where Bonham eventually ended up.

Other art being featured in videos include two oil portraits by Rubi Cane (aka Mr. Bruce), Melvin Galapon’s light installation, and a screen print done by Jotta. Pure Evil had a sneak peak of their projects and admits that his is “much better” than the others. But between the three, he’d have to pick Melvin Galapon’s to be second best to his own, as it’s “really nice,” and he “didn’t go mental”.

Along with the play.com songs inspired art contest, Parisian indie electro band Phoenix is also involved in the Shape your Music Experience, creating a limited edition art label for Beck’s bottles. 25 million track downloads will be given away on the specially designed bottles and cans, which can be found in all major retailers and pubs featuring Beck’s Pils and Beck’s Blue.

For further details and to view Pure Evil and the other artists’ video features, check out Beck’s Facebook page and put in your entries until 12 November, when the winners who correctly identify each play.com inspired song will be chosen. Good luck!

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