How To Make Money Without Having A Real Job


Written by Al Raz
10 Saturday 10th August 2013

I have commitment issues when it comes to holding down a full time job and I know I'm not the only one. As a graduate you've just left the nightclub that was called University and left your coat behind in the cloakroom because you lost your cloakroom ticket somewhere inside and instead have been left with a hefty amount of fuck U student loan debt that now doesn't seem as well spent in hindsight. You're still too far gone in liberation and the drugs haven't worn off yet ,so the idea of sitting at a desk 5 days a week surrounded by grey sounds a bit like dying.

I have found that graduates more on the creative side have struggled to get settled into the real world. Internships are competitive and unpaid and living back with your parents makes you feel more like Kevin and Perry than you'd ever imagine. However, internships are a necessary force if you want to explore something you think you might commit to for the long haul, and there's always ways of making money on the side while you do them, and I'm not just talking working the pole and selling M-Kat. Here are a list of good ideas and not so good ideas.
Good Ideas:
Bar work - Lots of pubs/bars will take you on for weekends or a couple of days a week. They know you're there for a good time and not a long time and you'll probably be working with people in the same position as you so you can bitch about money.
Participant Observation - If you Google it you'll find there are a lot of these going on. Companies need members of the public to base their research on whether it be talking about chocolate bars, alcohol packaging or fashion. You typically get paid £10ph but it can often be more so that's pretty good.
eBay - If you've got time and an eye for a bargain you can take to eBay and sell loads of shit for triple the price. Become an Ebay warlord and start your own little business on it selling legal highs and Dunnys. 
Model/Human manikin - I'm not saying model model, I'm talking hair and make-up modelling. In most cities there are beauty schools and they often need human manikins to practice on. All you have to do is sign up on the website and they text you when they need you. Typical days will be them practising hair or make-up styles on you and typical hours are about 10-5. The usual pay is £30 which isn't bad seeing as you have to do sweet F A the whole day. If you're London based check The London School of Beauty and Make-up.
Club work - This isn't to everyone's taste but if you're a social head then things like flyering and 'door whoring' can be a good idea. Flyering for club nights can get you a typical £7-10p/h and you get free entry after where you can spend all the money you just made. If you're a girl and can tolerate dickheads then working at the front of house for a club is quite well paid with typical earnings being about £10p/h or more. Plus you can bet you'll never have to pay to get into a club anymore. 
Not so good ideas:
-Selling drugs and living like you did in 1st year forever. Spring Break y'all. You can't be 'that guy' on everyone's speed dial forever and your clients will soon die or get married. 
-Selling your underwear online. Yeah this is a thing. There are a lot of grim guys out there who will pay £15 for pair of used Primani underwear. Don't do it. It will take the light away from your eyes. 
-Flu Camp. A disgustingly tempting scientific programme that you can sign up for online. You go to a controlled area (usually a hotel) for about 3 weeks and scientists hit you with the flu injection. You then spend 3 weeks in confinement reporting daily on how much you feel like dying and wondering why you ever signed up in the first place then BANG! They pay you £2000 or more. This is all legit and stuff but it's just not a clever idea even though you get paid the price of a small unicorn for it. There have been cases where this has gone very badly. 
Going on the dole/benefits- Cmon you're better than that mayn. That medical degree you took for 6 years can surely get you a job making meth in a lab with Walter & Jesse somewhere? I know it's a likely option for many and an easy solution, but its not great for your confidence and you'll get stuck in a rut and living off Iceland offers with Kerry Katona for the rest of your life. No-one wants dinner with Kerry Katona. 
Leaving the country for 10 years so your student loan gets cleared. Wait a minute, that's a great idea.

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