Insta Interview w/ AL LY


Written by Dan Haze
06 Monday 06th November 2017


Al Ly is a model, artist and stylist whose siganture look and hilarious personality has won her nearly 3K followers on Instagram. We catch up with the busy East Ldn queen to ask her about the importance of queer spaces, creativity and the Gram.


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What would you define yourself as?

Artist, plus model & stylist


How do you think Instagram has influenced creativity?

It has enabled people to share their experiences in life in every way by posting, conversation, stories, live videos, constantly being updated by people's lives, brands, throw backs, spam pages. Personally it is the most used app for me, I don't think any other social media platform or even app has the influence that Instagram does on people's lives whether they realise it or not. I always go to Instagram, to certain pages I follow for inspiration for sure.


What impact does nightlife have on fashion?

In London, you see all types of style especially at night, people dress up definitely for themselves but it's also a dhowy thing isn't it , brands etc, it's like getting approval from you peers and people you may look up to or be a fan of whether it's someone famous or not. You feel good when you look good. Everyone has their own flavour and I think everyone influences each other subconsciously when you're seeing what other people are wearing.


Where do you find inspiration?

I definitely think the people I surround myself with influence me on a daily basis. The areas I hang out in (mainly hackney and Peckham) they definitely had influence on my work and fashion, I would take a flip cam with me everywhere and film whatever caught my eye whether it was rubbish or some old man wearing wavy clothes. I also am constantly saving things on Instagram that I see on my feed. My business partner too, Nikolina (DIRTY $OUTH), she influences me incredibly we connect on a creative level I never have had with someone before.



Do you think young artists need more support?

I think you need to be driven and know what direction you want to go to achieve what you want, it's hard out here and everyone wants to make it. I do think that internships can be a Fucking joke tho getting paid £0 to do the most at the place, but you gotta start from the bottom.


Do you think there is still a need for queer spaces in London?

There are SO many queer parties in London, but I think there will always be a need for safer queer spaces just because it's not like there is a "queer area" wherever queer clubs or parties are, there's also the clubs around it for people who are not queer and still are extremely homophobic.

Is any creative industry safe for women?

Not when there's still these wastemen who think and act so backward.

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If you wanna see more of AL LY check out her Insta or DIRTYY $OUTH  and her website here xoxo 

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