Insta Interview w/ PrinceJasonJason


Written by Dan Haze
Photos and illustrations by PrinceJayJay
23 Monday 23rd October 2017

Prince Jason Jason is a Superstar Club Kid whose feel-good fetish style is taking London by storm and gained him over 10k Followers. You can often find him in one of his kinky-cute looks with a signature crown on the tube on the way to a gig. We slip into his DMs to talk inspiration, creativity and club kid culture!


Where do you find the inspiration for your looks?

- I love to play with the juxtaposition of cute & Fetish; Often going back to childhood memorabilia. But I am inspired by architecture, unconventional materials and designers: Hussain Challayan, Iris Ban Harpen & Gareth Pugh. I love the concept of using sculpture to change the form of body.


Would you say that you were part of the drag community or something else?

- You can’t really label an entirely community that is sooooo different within itself. I don’t ever call myself a drag queen, that’s not what I’m portraying, I am superstar club kid haha. However it's a community of creatives and I’m just creating, we all are.


How comfortable are you in your looks when not in a queer space?

- I often host/dj hetero parties, as well as get public transport to the gigs, and it’s hit and miss. I’m very aware of my surroundings, I've had real bad experiences (knife pulled out) and real fab ones too, regardless I’m just having fun.


Screenshot 2017-10-23 at 11.19.37.png


How do you think instagram has influenced creativity?

- It’s definitely given a platform to showcase creativity, helps get your work out there and seen by everyone. However, I don’t think it's influenced creativity, there’s a lot of copying and “inspired by”. I personally rarely see anything exciting and creative, i just think it’s all for the likes and with that mindset I think you become numb to it all. But Ofc there is so much talent.


Do you think there is a stigma attached to being a club kid?

I think it has a reputation for being drug fuelled craziness because of Party Monster, but in this social media age, we only show our best self, so it’s not really like that anymore. The stigma I think is changing, it’s seen as more of an art form now, then just getting paid to get fucked up. Lol


What's your favourite Instagram account?

- beside mine.. haha there’s lots I enjoy but top of my head, I really enjoy @ekb009 he has the perfect mix of porn & art


To see more of Prince Jason’s playful sins, check out his Insta of course @princejayjayy and his new mixtape:




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